MNO Proposition

Limitless Mobile has a unique set of assets, including a rural 3G/LTE network in the US, full carrier-grade MVNO infrastructure in Europe and MNO status / GSMA membership, which enable delivery of “limitless” capabilities.

Limitless Mobile Network

Benefits for MNOs

  • Simplicity
    One stop shopping: one interface, one contract, one stream of CDR’s
  • Flexibility
    Ability to cater for many small, varied Brands Quick rollout of new channels without any additional workload Active use of the MVNO for specific segments / Campaigns etc.
  • Security & Finance
    Quality assurance on behalf of the new SP’s Established payment procedures (bank guarantees, secure payments) from one entity instead of several Forecasting: ease of securing Service Levels in Network One point of price control Limitless mobile has no interest in driving prices down, our customers will need a decent margin MNO can have decision rights on establishing of each MVNO and pricing