Internet of Things or IOT, describes the network of physical objects, typically SIM cards or firmware, embedded in equipment or electronics around the world, enabling the collection of data for analytics. This data can then be used to optimize assets, differentiate products and services and improve or even transform customer experiences.


Machine to Machine, or M2M connectivity, allows monitoring, control and management of remote equipment using mobile networks. Some examples of use are:

– Wireless Digital Signage

– Coffee Machine Monitoring

– Asset Monitoring

– Factory Floor Robotic Monitoring

Such connectivity allows companies to improve efficiency by making small changes that can create a big impact, increase agility by being able to react instantly and can enable greater innovation through data analysis.

Due to the fact we have our own infrastructure we can enable your needs in this market in a unique way. Whether it is IMSI- Leasing or total outsourcing. Whether it’s a global solution or a local solution.

We have more than 200 000 live SIM’s today and increasing.









Limitless Mobile solution and service offering to M2M Service Providers includes:

  • IMSI ranges, including nationwide and international GSM access,
  • Infrastructure solutions such as HLR for managing IMSI ranges and devices,
  • SIM cards,
  • Network device certification.